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The Xpansion One Collection is a comprehensive patch library for use with Native Instrument's Kontakt music production software running under Macintosh
and Windows. Designed exclusively for Kontakt,
each and every sound makes the most of this unique synthesizer's extensive real-time effects architecture and unmatched modulation capabilities.

Xpansion One includes a wide variety of sounds in the following categories-

Bass- Calling on audio material gathered from some of the finest, pure-analog synths in the world, the sounds in this category run the range from providing earth-shaking bottom to distinctive "hook"-type sounds.

Pads- Huge, swelling soundscapes and evocative soundtrack-ready patches are found side-by-side in
this massive category. Analog, digital and resynthesis-based sources provide a sonic quality unique to this collection.

Percussion- From Pop drums to detailed tribal instruments, this category
contains twenty two drum kits sure to provide a creative "shot in the arm" to the musical efforts of any composer. The source percussion tones are the result of D.E.C.S synthesis, a technique by which the sound of a drum's skin being hit is separated from the resonance of its shell, allowing the independent components
to be "mixed and matched" between instruments. The end result is a surprising level of realism combined with true innovation in tone.

Organ- Majestic pipe organs and super-mellow processed keys can be found here.

Struck- Dream-like bell tones, from large to small, Asian-themed plucked sounds and more inhabit this group.

Arpeggiator- Kontakt's deep arpeggiation capabilities are brought to the forefront as animated soundscapes, transforming over time. Great care has been taken to provide expressive modulation routings to further enhance this category's value in both performance and recording.

SFX- Sounds enchanting, terrifying and beyond can be found within this patch group. Re-synthesis, manipulation of "real audio" and traditional digital means are called on to provide these evolving tonalities and soundbeds.

Leads- Including Sci-Fi tones, dance floor "anthem-makers" and more, this category features a selection of melody-ready patches designed to enhance contemporary productions.