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This bundle contains every Orwell synth ever produced for Korg's OASYS PCI, including two special bonus synths!

OR-1 AuraStorm- The OR-1 combines complex, multi-loop step sequencing with high-quality sample playback to create a wildly inspiring musical tool.
Each step includes controls for- Sample selection,
filter type, cutoff, pan, volume and more.

Four additonal "sub loops" allow different sections
of the main sequence to be played in various orders with differing transposition. All controllable from a controller keyboard in realtime.

OR-2 MEDUSA- The OR-2 creates swirling layers of sound through realtime spatialization. Four
multi-point spatial sequencers allow users to have various sonic elements independently moving about. Super-flexible and highly intuitive, the OR-2 is truly one of a kind.

OR-3 Drum Factor-X -The OR-3 is designed to provide the highest quality, most expressive
percussion sounds while allowing the user to work
with amazing speed. The sound engine provides intuitive tools for creating dynamic changes in tone depending on user performance. Sonic power meets ease of use

OR-4 AfterShock- This unique bass/lead synth starts
with four fat analog-style oscillators, adds sample-
playback and a specially designed filter to create,
massive, obese tones. HUGE.
OR-5 Enchantor- The lushest synth on planet Earth! a super-unique engine runs at full DSP-rate to provide incredibly smooth, highly-detailed sounds.